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Question: How are the "U" age groups defined for the Travel program?

Answer:  The "U" means 'under' - but the interpretation is different depending on if the "U" is before a number or after a number.

 When the "U" is BEFORE a number, such as "U9" >> a U9 player is 'under age 9' as of a certain cut off date (8/31). 
When the "U" is AFTER a number, such as "8U" >> an 8U player is '8 or under' as of a certain cut off date (8/31). 

It sound like the same thing, I know.  

Boys use "U9" while the gilrs use "8U" 

Players must be in Grade 2 through Grade 8 and meet the following birthdate brackets (for the 2018 Spring season):

U9 = born on or after 9/1/08
U11 = born on or after 9/1/06, but before 9/1/08
U13 = born on or after 9/1/04, but before 9/1/06
U15 = born on or after 9/1/02, but before 9/1/04

Age is as of August 31st

8U = born on or after 9/1/08
10U = born on or after 9/1/06, but before 9/1/08
12U = born on or after 9/1/04, but before 9/1/06
14U = born on or after 9/1/02, but before 9/1/04

Age is as of August 31st

Question: What season is Lacrosse?

Answer: Lacrosse is a Spring sport. Practices start as close to March 1st as weather permits. Games generally begin the last week of March/first week of April and continue until the early June. Some teams may choose to enter tournaments in early July, but these are not mandatory.

Question: When are practices and games?

Answer: Most teams practice 3 times a week until games start, then they cut back to 2 practices a week. These practices are scheduled to accommodate as many players as possible, so the exact day and time will not be known until the coach has a chance to hold a team meeting in February.

Games are usually played on weekends, but there are a few evening games scheduled during the week. The mid-week games are usually scheduled against local clubs to minimize travel time.

Practices will be held at Marlton Park in Woodstown. Home games will be at the park as well. Each team will play a 10- to 12-game schedule, 3 to 4 of which will be home games. The game schedule will be distributed in February.

Question: What teams will we play?

Answer: We will play in the South Jersey Youth Lacrosse League. This league is comprised of:

  • Avalon Girls
  • Cherry Hill Boys & Girls
  • Kingsway Boys & Girls
  • Clearview Boys & Girls
  • Egg Harbor Township Boys
  • Marlton Boys & Girls
  • Medford Lakes Boys
  • Rancocas Valley Boys
  • Moorestown Boys
  • Mount Laurel Boys & Girls
  • Seneca Boys & Girls
  • Washington Township Boys & Girls
  • West Deptford Boys & Girls
  • Voorhees Boys & Girls

Question: I do not live in Woodstown. Can I sign up?

Answer: Yes! The program is open to all of Salem County. It is also open to anyone who lives in the county and in an area that does not have lacrosse.

Question: Can my child play lacrosse and baseball?

Answer: This is up to you. We do not encourage parents to over-burden their children, but there are many children in other programs that do both sports. This is a pay-to-play program, so your child will not be penalized if he/she plays another sport. However, if practices are missed then they will be missing important skill and development opportunities. We encourage you to carefully consider your objectives for playing both sports and then do what is best for your child.

Question: Will there by try-outs?

Answer: This is a pay-to-play, first-come, first-served program. The first 20 paid registrants will be on the team for full sided teams. The 21st registrant will go on the waiting list for the next team for full sided teams.  For small sided teams (U( boys and 8U and 10U girls, the first 16 paid registrants will be on the team. The 17th registrant will go on the waiting list for the next team. 

Tryouts could be held if we have multiple teams at the same age group.  This would be to determine which team the player is best suited to play to maximize their safety and enjoyment. 

Question: What will happen if there are not enough players to form a team?

Answer: It takes a minimum of 16 players to form a boys team, and 14 to form a girls team.   Rosters are considered full at 20 players for both boys and girls.   For small sided play (currently U9 boys and 8U and 10U girls) rosters are considered full at 16 players. Team rosters spots are offered in the order that paid registrations are received.  If a team roster is full, then we will waitlist future registrations in an effort to form a 2nd team.   Every effort is made to give every child the opportunity to play lacrosse.

Question: Who will be the coach?

Answer: As with all youth sports, the coaching staff comes from the pool of parents on the team. We have a call out to experienced players in the area who may want to help coach, but there are no guarantees that they will come forward. All lacrosse programs in the league have the same shortage of experienced coaches, so there is no disadvantage to our program. We have many training opportunities to get you up to speed with the rules and the skills you will need. The Kingsway coaches are also committed to helping us learn the ropes.

Question: What equipment do I need to buy and where do I get it?

Answer: Our Equipment page details the equipment needed. Boys’ equipment runs from $180 to $350. Girls’ runs from $50 to $160. We advise you to go to a store and try everything on; however, stores like Dick's and The Sports Authority carry "Fiddle Sticks" that cannot be used in a game. It is hard for an inexperienced player to tell these from a real stick. Your best bet is to visit Lacrosse Republic in West Deptford, NJ.

When buying a stick, there are a few things to watch out for. Most stores (including Premier) will try to sell you a "Soft Mesh" pocket. There is a false belief that it is easier for a beginner to catch with these sticks. These sticks are a maintenance nightmare for coaches and players alike. Stick with a Hard Mesh or a Traditional pocket. Other than the pocket, there is virtually no tangible difference between any of the other components. My sons love the $30 gloves and find them better than the $200 ones. They strung their own $40 sticks and wear entry level shoulder pads. Get what feels most comfortable.

Question: Is lacrosse safe?

Answer: Yes. Boys lacrosse is a contact sport; however, the rules and the equipment contribute to making it a very safe sport. The national injury rate for boy’s lacrosse is 2.89 injuries per 1,000 participants, the most common injury being ankle sprains. For comparison purposes, the injury rate for football is 4.36, and soccer is 2.43. For more information on lacrosse safety, please visit www.USLacrosse.org.

Question: Why is the registration fee so expensive if I still have to buy my own equipment?

Answer: Below is a breakdown of how the registration fee is allocated. Woodstown Lacrosse has the second lowest registration fee in the South Jersey League. The two programs with lower fees are both subsidized by their town’s parks and recreation associations. In addition to practices and games, your child will receive 6 issues of Lacrosse Magazine, and a Jersey that can be worn with pride.

  • Uniform - $60
  • Referee fees - $60
  • Insurance - $30
  • MArlton Park fees - $12
  • SJ Youth Lacrosse League fees - $7.50
  • Board Insurnace - $3.50
  • Lacrosse balls - $3
  • Total = $176

    This DOES NOT incude our additional expenses, such as:
  • Tournament fees
  • Training for players and coaches
  • Field paint
  • Medical kits
  • Goals
  • Nets
  • Website
  • Registration flyers
  • etc

Question: I don’t know much about lacrosse; why should I try it?

Answer: Because you owe it to yourself! Lacrosse is pure fun. It is a combination of basketball, hockey and soccer. It is the fastest growing sport in the country and has the lowest drop-out rate of any youth sport. In fact, lacrosse is the only sport where participation increases after 6th grade. All other sports see their players leave in droves after the 6th grade year. Where are they going???? To lacrosse!